Web Training in IrelandHomepage:

The homepage is the first thing visitor sets eyes on when he/she reaches the website. There should not be any unnecessary pop ups which will make the visitor go to other sites. The visitor should be given an easy and effortless route with uncomplicated set of choices. It will make the visitor feel comfortable using the website. The user should not feel it as a waste of their time and energy while using the website, which will make them go to other sites which offer good information with fewer complications.

Use of colors:

One has to be very careful when it comes to using background colors for the website. Color and the font used in the website should be soothing to eyes. Colors should not be painful for the visitors’ eyes. The content and wording should be easy to read and understand. Use of intricate and convoluted language will make the user leave the site.

Data size:

The user may not stay at the website for too long if the information he wants to download is taking too much time. So keep the data in small size which will reduce the download time. Avoid giving information in long paragraphs. Generally users do not like to read lengthy paragraphs. It does not mean that one should just give summary of the content. But if all the information is given in small subsections, it will make the user stay at the website and may prompt him/her to come back again.