One page websites

We design one page websites  for €100.

Setting up one page websites and create pages is about installing the right software. Design a website or make your own website, test pages are used to help you start developing a web site. We can design a test one page website for you to include your logo and contact details in a banner graphic and a theme style thats suits your company’s image. One page websites can also include description and some images. You can then login and get to use the software try editing, add images and copy to the page.

If you like one page  websites and the software we used to build the site with, we can then set it all up with a domain name and web hosting for you.

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We also can add mobile packs, bespoke  forms , search engine optimisation, photo galleries, e commerce,  slide shows and videos to your site. If you would like further information on this service you can send a email to